" Delectatio Pugnus "

So You Wanna Join PleasureFist?

1) Fill out the form to tell us about yourself.
2) Wait for a Response Message, maybe explore the site (perhaps re-read the 10 Principles)
4) Come to Burning Man._____ )'( _____.

UPDATE:  PleasureFist camp is totally full for 2013!
We even lubed everything up with bacon grease, but no matter how hard we tried we just can't fit any more participants into our
...campspace  )'(
 (9 & F)
Looks like we have a lot more interest in joining our fam than we have room in our assigned space,

But please do stop by and say Hi!
we will be at 9 and F this year!
(...and keep in touch and we hope you can join us in 2014!)

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How's it work?

First and foremost PleasureFist is what it is because of the amazing group of friends and strangers that work hard and play hard(er) every year to make that week in the desert (another) one to remember.

On the other hand it also takes some financial backing to make it all happen.

Shade structures, Shower and Kitchen facilities, Generator, Transport and Storage are unfortunely not free  so we've elected to use camp dues as a way to share the financial expenses of running an awesome theme camp.

PleasureFist Camp Dues 2013

For 2013 the Pfist camp dues will be $75.00 per person

...if paid before August 1st, and $100.00 if paid afterwards.

When you go camping, you usually pay a nominal fee for the premade camp space, and maybe a grill and parking, and if your lucky shower facilities.

$75.00 is less than $11 per day, and although it costs way more than that to put everything together the dues help shoulder the cost allowing us to afford a good camp infastructure, more shade, aplified music and lighting, a good generator, transport of it all to and from the playa and storage throughout the rest of the year.

What that money goes toward in detail:

  • Storage and Transport of camp infrastructure (this probably the largest cost, Renting a moving Truck and also paying for year-round storage unit in Reno, if you have a truck or storage please let us know asap) 
  • Generator and Fuel cost (to keep our dusty home lit and the bass bangin)
  • Shade Structures (we have the 2 domes already, but when it comes to shade more=better )
  • Shower Facilities (we set-up a tent with greywater evap, Bring your own Water (INFO)
  • Kitchen Facilities (we provide a communal area to cook and eat with camp stove)
  • Designated camp location ( well this part technically doesnt cost money and nobody is paid for anything from dues....but we'd like to point out that as part of a placed theme-camp you will know where you will be camped way beforehand and can let friends know where to find you.)

For sending Dues by Paypal, click here or if you would like a different method, shoot us an email by clicking here

There will always be absolute transperancy in all handling and apropration of camp funds.

 if there are ever any questions please email [email protected] or fill out the contact form HERE

Why PleasureFist?

Remember that the only facilities provided to all on the playa are Porta Potties, and Ice..and you have to buy the ice.

everything else is up to you...

Unless of course you have a group of fellow Playanauts to help lighten the load.

PLACEMENT, First off you will know where you'll be sleeping weeks before you arrive on playa, so you can tell your friends and also plan your adventures. (9 & F this year!)

SHADE, You get to enjoy the bountiful shade from our large dome, and 20'x30' shade tent...that's well over 1,000 square feet of shade.

KITCHEN. We set up an area to prepare your food (tables to cut, wash, cook etc) and area to sit with campmates and enjoy your meal. (we do not provide communal meals, merely the facilities...stove, tents etc)

SHOWERS, We will build camp-use shower enclosures on plateforms with proper greywater dispersion system. (Bring Your Own Water)

LIGHTS, We will have lighting around camp and inside structures to hang at night if you're so inclined.

MUSIC We will have music set-up and we do plan a few parties during the week, but we are not a largescale sound camp, just enough for a great time.

COMMUNITY, we are a group of friends from all over the world, and we have new people joining our camp every year, so there will be lots of new faces don't worry you're not the only one ;)

GAMES, we set-up a few giant games like garbage-can sized Beirut, 5 foot tall Jenga, and Pfist Twister but we also have tons of more relaxed games with cards and dice and such. (Feel free to bring more!)

EVENTS, although not mandatory we tend to do certain events as a group throughout the week, like our Mobile Pop-up bar, Parties, Bacon cook-off, and we try to make it as a group to watch the Burn.