" Delectatio Pugnus "

Why join a theme camp at all?     Why Camp PleasureFist?



1) The support of a close group of friends and the special (often lifelong) Burner relationships made. When problems develop, battery problems, bicycle breakdowns, Sickness (dehydration, substance misuse, sun-stroke) it's nice to have helpful camp mates.

2) Considerable logistical help - Coolers, hauling water, Cooking equipment, Kitchen Facilities, propane, shade structures, transporting gear, storage of said gear, Grey-water system, shower facilities, (shower partner/s?) etc

3) Plenty of 1-on-1 tips and tricks from veteran Burners and their network of Burner contacts - (Helpful for many reasons ex: arranging ride shares, where to stock up, how not to make the common virgin mistakes etc)

4) You can start to get a feel for what BM is all about by meeting (virtually or physically) with campmates months prior to reaching the playa. 

5) When with a placed camp you're usually camped closer to the Esplanade (the inner street) and folks actively head for theme camps, so much of BM will come to you if you hang at camp- you're in the thick of the action unless you retreat to your tent

6) The weather is harsh, conversations can be deep and intense, and activities are diverse and sometimes extremely trying. It's nice to have friends around, a shoulder to cry on, and others to laugh with.

7) It's good to have a built-in group to talk with about experiences and things to try. When you lose your friends at 2 o'clock (at 3:00am) you know that you can head back to camp and meet familiar faces to head out with again.

8) Being part of a theme-camp is a fun and exciting (and somewhat convenient) way of making a contribution to BRC.

9) You have many people to help out with a camp project - consider your camp a blank canvas for your imagination and your camp mates willing assistants.

10) Possible early entry to BRC before everyone else. (sure it means working hard to set up your camp, but you get to skip the crazy long lines)
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  (10 reasons found above are loosely paraphrased from a burner called Roamer)
Remember that the only facilities provided to all are Porta Potties, and Ice..and you have to buy the ice.

everything else is up to you...

Unless of course you have a group of fellow burners to help lighten the load.

PLACEMENT, First off you will know where you'll be sleeping weeks before you arrive on playa, so you can tell your friends and also plan your adventures.

SHADE, You get to enjoy our bountiful shade, large dome, two car-ports and series of 10'x10' shade tents...that's well over 1,500 square feet of shade.

KITCHEN. We set up an area to prepare your food (tables to cut, wash, cook etc) and area to sit with campmates and enjoy your meal. (we do not provide communal meals, merely the facilities...stove, tents etc)

SHOWERS, We will build camp-use shower enclosures on plateform with proper greywater dispersion system. (BYOWater)

LIGHTS, We will have lighting around camp and inside structures to hang at night if you're so inclined. (and a burn barrel to keep warm at night)

MUSIC We will have music set-up and we do plan a few parties during the week, but we are not a largescale sound camp, just enough for a great time.

COMMUNITY, we are a group of friends from all over the world, and we have new people joining our camp every year, so there will be lots of new faces don't worry you're not the only one ;)

GAMES, we set-up a few giant games like garbage-can sized Beirut, 5 foot tall Jenga, and Pfist Twister but we also have tons of more relaxed games with cards and dice and such. (we encourage you to bring any of your own as well)

EVENTS, although not mandatory we tend to do certain events as a group throughout the week, like our Mobile Pop-up bar, Parties, Bacon cook-off, and we try to make it as a group to watch the Burn.
NEXT YEAR, This year you made friends and got more situated in camp, well next year you don't have to hunt around, you already have a great home and an awesome playa family.

Observe and Practice the 10 Principles.
Leave the DRAMA and EGO at home before coming to the playa, living for a week+ in the desert is trying enough already on many levels.
ASK QUESTIONS, WE ARE NOT SNARKY VETS (Did you know that 2013 is the last year of burning man?)


 Our community is committed to a radically participatory ethic. We believe that transformative change, whether in the individual or in society, can occur only through the medium of deeply personal participation. We achieve being through doing. Everyone is invited to work. Everyone is invited to play. We make the world real through actions that open the heart. (right from the 10 Principles)

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